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Absolute car removals and towing company offering many essential services for the community and for the environment. We are also known as Absolute Car Wreckers Melbourne, we have been servicing Melbourne and nearby regions for more than 20 years now. In these years, we have gained a lot of experience and expertise which is vital for any wrecking company. We have wide junk yards and fully equipped towing vehicles, that’s why our response time is quicker than our competitors.

Auto Wreckers Services

Some of our major services are:

FREE CASH QUOTES: Customer service and satisfaction is our priority, no matter if you accept our quote or not. Give us a call at 03 875 11 908 and get the free estimate on the phone, no obligations. Please make sure that you have a vehicle and your personal details handy while giving us a call, just to save each other’s time. Feel free to take our quote and compare with others, you will find us best. Contact junk auto dismantlers now.

FREE CAR REMOVAL: Free car removal in Melbourne and nearby regions. You can book free pickupby phone and one of our expert staff will process your request on time and remove your vehicle from your own place. We can just ask you to leave your vehicle in the driveway and yes, we pay the cash on the spot without asking a second question.

CASH FOR CARS: Get up to $5000 cash for cars, vans, trucks and Utes. Do not worry about the condition of the vehicle, no matter if a vehicle is in running condition or not, we just buy everything. We don’t care about the make and model, even you have the oldest model in the city, and we will buy and pay you in return. Generally, we prefer to pay cash on the spot, however, we can setup online banking on request too.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY VEHICLE DISMANTLING AND DISPOSAL: Safe vehicle dismantling and disposal is our another priority service because our safety tends to everybody and our green environment too. We have experienced staff members who can dismantle and dispose the automobiles in a best, safest way and send the rest of the metal to the metal recycling companies run by government of Melbourne, Australia. Contact Car Recycling Melbourne Today.

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