Car Dismantling, Disposing and Recycling

Get your unwanted, junk and scrap cars, vans, Utes, trucks and 4wds recycled with Absolute Car Recycling Company with full satisfaction. We make the whole process under professional supervision because the complete process is not easy and safe to do with an individual. Wrong method can harm our nature which absolutely negative.

Do you want to recycle your vehicle in a safe way?  Go for Absolute Car Wreckers Services in Melbourne and the outer suburbs. Absolute Wreckers process the auto disposal in a comprehensive way. In addition to this, we pay you top cash for scrap cars and other vehicles. Give us a call at 0411 704 458 or 03 875 11 908 and reserve your free car removal today.

Melbourne car recycling

After collecting the vehicle, first, we process the car dismantling procedure, in this process, we take off all the good condition auto parts from the vehicle and drained the rest of unwanted gases and fluids. We dispose the rest of harmful residue into the unused landfill. Finally, send the metal to the recycling department where they recycle the metal and use that for different products from different industries.

At absolute recycling, our motto is to become the number one auto removal company in Melbourne. We already pay maximum cash for cars in the town anyways. Do not let the vehicle parked in the no-exit street or at the usable space, let us remove that for you for free. From the old or broken vehicles, we resale the auto spare parts on reasonable prices and recycle the parts that do not work so that we can create new parts.

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If you are keen to get more information about the auto salvage yards then feel free to give us a call at 0411 704 458 or 03 875 11 908.

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