What affects the value of your car in a negative way?

Usually, no one can forget the moment they first drive their new car home from the dealership. Of course, it’s really difficult to compare those wonderful feelings with how one feels about the same vehicle just after a few years of its purchase. As normally, it might have gotten old & smelly, leaving its owner bored out of it. This may even tempt the owner to think about replacing it with the latest trendy model.

But still the anxiety of selling an old car is always tempered with the joy of buying a new one. This is obvious, as you have to go through the hassles of selling expecting to get decent cash for your old car.

Generally, a simple solution to this is making a quick estimate about its value. And, in order to determine the value your car you will have to gather following details. Know its mileage, year, model and the number of times it has been repaired since you have bought it. Beside this you should have the skills to negotiate its price smartly. Get the car valuation online and make the whole process hassle-free.


It is very important, as the prices of automobiles are dropping over years due the launch of vehicles with improved technologies. And, unfortunately, there is nothing that one can do about this. However, there are some things which you can avoid and that can affect the price of your car negatively. Here, take a look at them:

Forgetting or losing maintenance records

If you have been regularly taking your machine for maintenance, it will be possible in a good condition. Particularly, from your buyers point of view.

But if you have been careless and failed to keep its service records in order then you will have to face troubles while selling it. Because if you won’t keep track of these records you won’t be able to prove the buyers that the automobile is in a good condition. You may end up losing a good deal while negotiating the price.

Too much modification

There are several modifications that you do to make your vehicle look awesome. But always make sure to keep in mind their opposite effects they have on the re-sale price of your car.

Actually, it is never a good idea to customize your vehicle too much. Instead, you must aim to keep the vehicle in the same condition as you bought it. It won’t be wise to add on ostentatious accessories to your vehicle just to satisfy your own definition of a cool car. This will not only shrink its re-sale value, but also the pool of your potential buyers.

External and Internal issues

As we all know that people always pretend to care about the performance of a vehicle. But the truth is that they also assess its aesthetic qualities. The answer is simple, no one would like to buy a vehicle that has external wear and tear i.e. scratches, dings and dirt. Only Auto Wreckers would consider it to buy for the good money. If you think that vehicle got rusty and hard to drive, then better to find your local Brisbane Car Wreckers and sort the Junker for the cash now.

Otherwise, it is always a good idea to get the vehicle washed, waxed and polished to remove all sorts of dents and scratches.

Finally, our last words of advice for you are, if you keep your vehicle service records in order. Get it regularly serviced and don’t over-customized it. All this will help you to get the best price for your car.

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