Busting Australia based Auto Junk Yards scams

Is your trusty vehicle has recently busted in an accident? Then sadly it may be completely inoperable in that situation.

As a result, you may be in search of reputed junk car buyers. But finding a responsive and authentic car removal company needs a little bit more effort and time. As many people are prone to scammers because of lack of good knowledge about automotive. So, you should deal with a reputed vehicle removal firm that guarantee a smooth sale process.

Don’t forget to be very careful though. Sometimes people end up getting screwed in a very nasty deal when directly selling their wheels to scrapyards. Before selling your busted vehicle, you must be aware of some dishonest junkyard scams discussed in this post. 

Asking for removal charges

Some junkyards depend on tow truck drivers to pick up vehicles. However, they deduct some towing fees from the cash paid at the end of the deal. So, by the time you have your vehicle removed you will need to pay removal fees. Sometimes the truck driver may also

If the driver comes and upon inspection, they tell you that the car is worth less than what you agreed upon with the junk company, just tell them the deal is off the table and search for another junkyard. They are trying to trick you into accepting a low value so that they keep the difference.

Headache for transferring the registration

No matter what make or model you are selling, it is imperative to organize the paperwork essential for the process. This includes signing over the vehicle’s title to complete the transaction process legitimately. Sometimes a crooked junkyard may promise to handle the required paperwork for you. But after the process is over they will surprise you with a huge bill for sorting the documents.

If you refuse to pay the price, they will report it to the credit bureaus and threatens you with a collection notice. In order to avoid this fuss, it is best to sign over the auto title instantly.

Asking for hidden Fees

There are some companies that may even ask you to pay a large towing fees to pick up your automobile. Alternatively, they offer a deal which already includes the towing fees. If you are vigilant and have good knowledge about automobiles. You can definitely acquire the service of flu-by-night haulers like www.qldcashforcar.com.au, these people agree to provide free of cost removal service from the destination of the client. They will never ask you to hire a tow truck for transporting your vehicle or charging removal fees.

Estimating worth of scrap vehicles at zero value

This is true that an automobile may worth nothing to the owner after it gets damaged in accident. However, your old or rusted automobile will still get you top cash for cars in the eyes of professional scrapyards. Junkyards have knowledgeable people who deal with every form ad condition of the automobile and pay good cash. Therefore, if any scrapyard assess your vehicle at zero value, simply reject to deal with them. As it is a clear indication that they are con artist who are always prepared to rip off their clients. Remember you can still search for a number of reputable companies to get rid of your unwanted wheels.

Feel free to contact us today and get the most of your unwanted vehicle.

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