How do Scrap-Yards Operate?

What would society do without scrap yards? There would be no-where for permanently broken down cars to go for recycling. People would be more likely to abandon their cars or dump them in land-fills. And ultimately, it wouldn’t only be the people that would suffer, as the environment would lose out as well.

So there is no arguing over the fact: We need scrap yards. They go by many other different names, like junk yard, salvage yard and cash for car removal companies. But the goal is the same: dismantle the vehicle and recycle the parts and materials within it. It is an important part of the waste and management infrastructure, as well as being a handy place to buy used parts!

How Salvage Yards Work?

The first thing a salvage yard has to do is get its hands on cars for the purpose of recycling. They do this the best way possible: by buying them off the owners. They are usually interested in buying them regardless of the state of disrepair the vehicle is in. And they will buy trucks, Utes, vans, SUV’s and 4×4’s as well as cars.

Once they get their hands on a junk vehicle, they can then start wrecking it. The process begins with the complete dismantling of the automobile in question. The parts that can be re-used, whether it is a window, car seat, engine, light, trim, panel or door, is kept. They sell second hand later on. Parts that can’t be re-used are sold as scrap metal.

Before they are sold, the parts are refurbished, reconditioned, and tested. This ensures that they are high quality parts.

Recycling Process

It is important that all the fluids are drained from the automobile before the vehicle is dismantled. This includes the engine oil, brake fluid and coolant. They can be re-used in the future. The tyres are taken off the vehicle next, as well as the oil tank and batteries. These are easily recycled components of your average automobile. For example, used tyres that are no longer fit for the road can be shredded and used in rubber asphalt.

How much are used parts worth? It often depends on a few things, such as the condition they are in, the make and model of vehicle they come from, and so forth. Some brands of vehicle are more popular than others, and when the demand for anything is high, you can expect it to have a higher price than it would otherwise have.

What about Parts that Can’t Be Sold?

Not all parts will be in good enough condition to be sold. If they were, the car in question wouldn’t be a junk car. Components that can’t be sold are recycled in other ways. They get crushed and sold as material such as scrap steel or general scrap metal.

It is a very fortunate thing that we have scrap yards to make sure that our clunkers are recycled. So take a moment to give thanks to your local & free cash for cars service in your area.

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