How to junk an abandoned car in Melbourne

Update – For all the people who are planning to scrap their vehicle for cash on the spot in VIC – Cash for scrap ban comes into effect , So we do not pay cash for car on the spot. Instead, we can transfer the money in your bank account and can commence the removal process afterwards. Also, selling your junk car for cash without a title is not legal anymore unless you have a discussion with auto wreckers.

When scrapping an abandoned vehicle, the process can be complicated. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult and done correctly. Maybe you have an old or abandoned automobile parked in the meadow in front of your house. Or, maybe your automobile tyres are blown out and you can’t move it to your garage. In such circumstances, you might be eager to get rid of that damaged or abandoned automobile.

However, you don’t own the vehicle legally and don’t have the title. Unfortunately, most scrap yards don’t accept automobiles without ownership. So, you might find yourself stuck with your abandoned automobile.

However, there are some effective legal ways through which you can scrap your abandoned vehicle. The best part is that you will not require any legal permission to have your automobile removed. But your tow truck driver will need to file a proper report without asking for any towing fees. Make sure that report is filed with the Motor Vehicle Division and the local police authority.

Australian Laws related to abandoned vehicles

If you remove abandoned automobiles without permission, you may be liable to pay penalties. According to the laws associated with abandoned automobiles there are penalties for towing an abandoned automobile with no permission. You must get the authorization in advance from:

  • a law enforcement agency;
  • a police officer;
  • the property owner on whose place the automobile is parked;
  • Highway authority with jurisdiction on that specific highway.

Furthermore, there are also requirements related to who can have the automobile towed. You will also need to specify the time your vehicle will be sitting on the property before it is removed. Usually, it can be towed away within 48 hours, if it is sitting on highways or waterways. However, before the proceeding of removal starts, it must stand on the private property without approval for at least 7 days. Although it is not a legal way to abandon an automobile but still many people do so.

Send a notice to the VIC Police

You can also report to a police officer for the removal of your abandoned automobile. They can take ownership of any abandoned automobile without a warrant. Whether it has been parked on highways or public land in the state. If you don’t pay the title fees or registration charges properly, an officer can also seize your automobile. This applies in case of outboard motor or vessel.

Using Scrap car removal services

If the automobile is parked anywhere else other than public lands, waterways or highways throughout the state. Your local Melbourne auto wreckers can claim to acquire it. However, the automobile must be sitting on a private property and the owner must request for its removal. In addition, you will need to contact your local law enforcement agency to claim vehicle and its title in your possession. Along with this, you will need to complete the abandoned automobile form.

After examining your wheels the law enforcement will examine about the automobile. If they don’t find any information, they will let you know. After this, you can acquire the automobiles title. Then you can have it removed by your local junk auto removal company. Check out how car removal companies operate in Melbourne. Before you do this, make sure to fill out the related form with the Department of Motor Vehicle.

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