How to Look for Cheap Car Parts in a Scrap Yard?

There is a story that is universal when it comes to being a car owner. Going to the mechanic to get an oil change only to have the mechanic tell you that your car requires repairs. Repairs that will cost you a lot of money. So you went in thinking that your bank account was going to be fifty dollars lighter, and being okay with that. And now the reality of being stung for hundreds of dollars is sinking in and all you feel is despair.

There is, however, a way to avoid paying through the nose for repairs.

Get Parts from a Scrap Yard

The clichéd image of a scrapyard is one of a large expanse full with old rusting automobiles piled up on top of each other in stacks. Car Wreckers look almost post-apocalyptic, but they hold a veritable treasure trove of used parts that are in perfectly good condition. The amount of junk cars can make the task of finding the right part seem daunting, but the joy of the hunt will eventually take hold and you will actually find the whole activity enjoyable.


“You-Pick” vs ”Full Service” Scrapyards

There are scrapyards where you actually don’t have to go in and search through all the vehicles for the part you need. Called Full Service scrapyards, the team that work there will have someone put in all the effort of looking while you get to relax. The man hours of course end up adding the cost of the part you eventually buy, and we are much more interested in saving money, so we will be looking at “You Pick” scrapyards.

“You Pick” Scrapyards

The name is self-explanatory. It is up to you to find the part you want at the scrapyard described here. The fact that they don’t pay an employee to do the job you will be doing for yourself, they pass the savings on to you. So all the responsibility for finding the right part is for you.

Going to a scrapyard usually means exiting the suburbs and entering the city. The yard looks like how it was described earlier in this article. There are rows and rows of stacks of cars piled up. They are all old and rusted shells of their former selves. It seems a weird thought that these were all brand new cars once.

Know What You Are Looking For

If you are looking for a part, it helps to know what part you are looking for. Now that we have the internet, you can find out what the part looks like, how to extract it from the junk vehicle you find, where to find it and what make and model of vehicle you can expect to find it in. This is important research to do, as it will save you time.

Bring the Correct Tools

Don’t go empty handed. You can’t extract a part of a vehicle with your bare hands. So you will need a Wrench at the very least. As well as pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers (Philips, flatheads and all sizes). Some safety gear will be good as well, such as gloves and safety glasses.

Once you have found the desired used car parts and extracted it, take it into the mechanic’s work shop with your car and have them do the repairs. Well done for saving money!

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